What We Do

VIG is a therapeutic approach for families who need help

Families can contact us directly or we also take referrals from social care, education and health professionals.

VIG Futures can help if you:

  • Want to get to know your child better and strengthen your relationship;
  • Want support for parenting a child with additional needs;
  • Struggle to find parenting enjoyable;
  • Wish you communicated better with your children;
  • Want help understanding your child with social and communication difficulties;
  • Want to feel closer to your child;
  • Feel hopeless as a parent;
  • Feel like your child’s behaviour is out of control;
  • Hate it that you and your child shout at each other.

Please remember, you’re not alone. Parenting IS hard and can seem impossible to navigate. VIG is a therapeutic approach that uses effective, modern and strength based techniques to give you clarity about how to move forward. It will enable you to understand your relationship with your child better and reduce conflict so you enjoy being with your child more. VIG helps families feel more hopeful about the future.